There are various services we can offer you depending on you and your company's needs. Whether its a breakdown requiring fast attention to enable production to continue, running a site survey to establish CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) scheduling and enable regular scheduling or provide pre-operative protocols and staff training to enable problem free start ups.


The vacuum packer has just gone down and is creating a bottle neck in your production output. Time is money and the machine needs to be up and running quickly to enable the days production to be processed. Call us and get repairs moving as quickly as possible.


Do you have a machine that doesn't perform consistently? Maybe only some of the products it runs causes an issue or there is only problems in the second half of the shift? Do you want to run a new type of product through your existing machinery? Call us to arrange a time to allow us to diagnose issues or design modification options to give you the best increase to your efficiency and output.


Are breakdowns eating into your valuable production time? Is the costs of your annual breakdowns destroying your profit margins? Would you like to be able to click a few buttons and see how much a certain machine has cost you for the year? Would you like to be able to budget your maintenance costs for the next 12 months? CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems) enable regular and cost effective maintenance to allow your machinery to operate at its most effective. Call us and discuss how you can gain the best performance from your machinery.


Do you need a custom size stainless table? A custom bracket to hold equipment in place? Need a custom solution to suit a unique problem in your factory? Call us and we can go over what you require, look at your options and come up with a cost effective proposal.